Cadillac XTS – The New Synonym For Power, Presence, & Technology

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How is General Motors bringing their Cadillac brand into the future? Tomorrow’s Cadillac is available today with the introduction of the stunning XTS. The XTS combines the exhilaration of a performance sedan with the silky smoothness of an elegant luxury sedan, “Cadillac style!” Remember the jingle: “The only way to travel….is Cadillac style?” Well, it’s back in form, function, and intelligence. From every angle it’s unmistakably Cadillac, the crisply tailored, tastefully designed body lines and it’s sophisticated leather clad cabin, will make this new entry into the luxury car arena win hands down. Every era had a Cadillac that was right for its day, our’s has arrived. And every era, Cadillac gave new innovative technology before its time……being the first automobile to be self-starting…. 12 volt electrical systems….the V-8 engine valve-in-head design…..interchangeability of parts….the first one piece windshields…. are just a few of the amenities taken for granted today, actually were pioneered by Cadillac. The XTS ushers in the beginning of Cadillacs to come, with panache and technological advancements that make it World Class, and it has that poised dignity which is the hallmark of every Cadillac!

It’s wind cheating body is an aerodynamic envelope of efficiency. Cadillac is actually keeping the drag coefficient a secret for now. It is achieved through the use of high strength steel, with an aluminum hood and trunk lid. The MPG varies between 17-28 for the front wheel drive version and 17-27 for all-wheel drive versions. If you look closely, you can see the Cadillac Sixteen concept car in the XTS demeanor. It is rakish and definitely for today. The body is designed to make your eyes follow the flowing lines, and it also makes the car look larger than it is. It isn’t designed to be the flagship, as this new flagship is hush-hush. The XTS is a stop gap vehicle for now. The XTS shares a lot under the skin with the top of the line Buick such as the Epsi II architecture and the 111.7 inch wheel base. Even the mirrors are chiseled to reduce wind noise and silence the cabin. The XTS is available with an innovative feature for the head lighting system, the Adaptive Forward Lighting utilizes sensors monitoring the car’s speed & steering then automatically swivel to light your path efficiently. The tail lamps are LED and resemble Cadillac tail fins from the past.

Performance…..did you say performance? A potent 3.6 liter direct injected V6 delivers a powerful punch with 304 HP! The transmission is a six speed automatic with shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel. This baby goes from 0-60 in 7.0 seconds flat! The revolutionary dual mode magnetic ride control, and Brembo brakes, combined with the new front and rear automatic braking system provide a positive responsive exceptionally nimble ride. The automatic braking system recognizes low speed collisions in advance and adjusts the vehicle accordingly. How’s that for intuition? There are ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear and are always on alert. This is the kicker: this car is so “smart” along with the automatic braking system detecting low speed crunches, it has all speed cruise control with a cross traffic alert system which vibrate the seats if a car is detected coming from either side.

Let’s not forget CUE (Cadillac User Experience), a new infotainment system will be available first on the XTS then the ATS, which combines an eight inch capacitive multitouch LCD and haptic feedback with proximity sensors. It also provides voice recognition; the systems combined allow the driver to remain focused on the road ahead. They will even be able to interact with their phone and car stereo. CUE has ties to the Linux Foundation and is based on the namesake operating system. For the technical minds, it is built on a tri-core ARM 11 CPU that provides 3D navigation maps and displays BluRay. It also supports Bluetooth 3.0, and adds connectivity via two USB ports and an SD card slot. Cadillac has been working on this system for 2 years. CUE already supports Pandora, Stitcher and provides an HTML5 browser with full JavaScript support. More third party apps are in the works as we speak for this new system.

The manufacturers suggested retail price ranges from $44,075 – $60,385. This is another masterpiece from the master craftsmen, the Cadillac XTS the new synonym for power, presence, and technology.

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